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Two years ago “Think AutoMotion” was born in the Pop Fusion Gallery with a client commission that combined their love for Apple Computer and Porsche. We paid tribute to the successful “Think Different” campaign that changed Apple Inc. forever. This poster art changed Pop Fusion as well. The “Think Porsche” commission was such a hit that other clients requested other manufacturers to have for their offices, garages and homes.

These are large format digital designs, printed on aluminum, utilizing the best dye sublimation process. The floating frame is included which provides extra space around the artwork allowing the design to be displayed with a contemporary feel. This does not require glass for protection. Our gap between artwork and frame is 3/8” to provide relief. Frame material is black wood. All prints are produced at the same size. Total size 49 1/2h x 35 5/8w.


Only 10 prints are produced of each design.

$2,500.00 USD per print.

Shipping and taxes are separate.

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